It’s no secret that the Encore® is the most technologically advanced muzzleloader ever created. Now, with the addition of interchangeable barrels in 95 calibers, it’s also the most technologically advanced shooting system ever conceived. We designed it around the Encore’s universal frame, long trusted by hunting professionals. Utilizing the break open design, within minutes, easily change between centerfire, muzzleloading and shotgun configurations. Whatever your game preference. Whatever the season. Imagine a gun you can take with you...year round. 

Game Anywhere...
•Single Shot Break-Open Design
•“Minute of Angle” Accuracy
•Blued and Stainless Steel Models
•Readily Interchangeable Barrels
•In Over 17 cartridges - from .22 Hornet to .416 Rigby
•Magnum .50 caliber muzzleloader barrels
•12 Ga and 20 Ga - smoothbore or rifled seasons.
Tuffpak makes a very tough gun case, which also masquerades as something else - many people will assume it contains golf clubs. Its design is simple and flexible, and allows an almost endless variety of combinations of guns and gear. Besides allowing you to take your soft cases with you without eating up space in your other bags, this lockable case has integral handles and built-in wheels which make it easy to roll around in airports.
Sauer 375 H&H Select Grade with Outback Synthetic Stock.
This is my choice for Australian Big Game.
375 H&H is a popular choice for Buffalo. Winchester Supreme Safari in a 300 grain Nosler Partition shown here does the job extremely well.
300 & 375 Holland & Holland Magnum
I chose the .375 H&H Magnum on recommendation of my friend Tello, as one of the top dozen of the 20th century simply because few other cartridges do so many things so well. It is just powerful enough to handle game too nasty for smaller cartridges, yet it is not ridiculously
overpowered for non-dangerous North American game such as elk and moose. I also chose it because the level of recoil it generates represents about the upper limit most hunters can tolerate. Even though the 375 H&H was introduced in 1912, the 300 H&H was introduced in 1925 along with the 270 most American hunters ignored it due to the high cost of imported rifles chambered for it. But that changed for the better in 1937 when Winchester added the chambering to its list of options for the Model 70 rifle. When loaded with good bullets and fired in an accurate rifle, this old English cartridge is capable of remarkable accuracy. It’s good too; I would not hesitate to hunt any big-game animal presently walking the face of the earth with the .375 H&H Magnum.
"A downed animal is most certainly the object of a hunting trip, but it becomes an anticlimax when compared to the many other pleasures of the hunt." - Fred Bear
Nov 2010 Texas USA
Rifle 270 Thompson Encore Prohunter
Big Game Hunter Australia Rifles